100M monthly users of BitTorrent/uTorrent

January 4, 2011

Saw this today:


That's 100M people who fire up BitTorrent/uTorrent to download
*something*. And that doesn't include all the other torrent
applications out there. Or IRC/Newsgroup piracy. Or sneakernets.

For comparison, Hulu has about 30M monthly users, and Netflix is up to
16.9M users last quarter (not sure about monthly):


Also interesting to check out the growth: Vuze.com up 81% over the last
year. uTorrent up 106%. Bittorrent.com up 144%. As opposed to
hulu.com up 61%. Netflix up 8.23%.


So, piracy still bigger and still growing faster. As has been pretty
much consistently the case since the dawn of the internet. I'd wager
the trend will hold for another decade or so, if not forever.



One Response to “100M monthly users of BitTorrent/uTorrent”

  1. Florent Says:

    Interesting numbers!However, it's important to keep in mind that both Netflix and Hulu are US-centric (+Canada for Netflix), and actually put a lot of effort into preventing people from the rest of the world to access them.Bittorrent is ubiquitous.Which gives a market size of around 300 million people for Netflix/Hulu, and 6 billion for Bittorrent.

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