Even the WIPO agrees piracy is obvious and unstoppable

November 24, 2010

Not that such a thing would ever reflect itself in our IP policy. But
here are some choice quotes:

13. To be more explicit about these limitations, we have seen no
evidence — and indeed no claims — that enforcement efforts to date have
had any impact on the overall supply of pirated goods. …

14. The debate is also notable for its lack of discussion of the
endgame: of how expanded enforcement, whether Internet-based in the form
of proposed "three-strikes" laws, or street-based in the form of
stronger criminal sanctions, will significantly change this underlying
dynamic. …

15. Perhaps most importantly, we see little connection between these
efforts and the larger problem of how to foster rich, accessible, legal
cultural markets in developing countries — the problem that motivates
much of our work. …

Alas, just 16 more pages heaped on the thousands already written
detailing in exquisite clarity that piracy is not only a natural and
reasonable reaction to the absurdity foisted upon the world's content
consumers, but no attempts to stop it have been remotely effective, and
no current attempts under consideration show any sign of being more
effective than their predecessors.



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