Unit support == Foreign currency support

June 27, 2009

Funny how the most obvious things slip by.  You might recall that we just released a new “Mileage (and other unit) support” feature.  It just occurred to me that a perfect use of this “other unit” functionality is foreign currencies, duh!  It’s so incredibly obvious, naturally I’d only realize it once I had the need to log a cash expense in Turkish Lira.  So to do that I simply:

  1. Went to my settings page
  2. Created a new unit named “lira”
  3. Set it to the current exchange rate ($0.65/lira)

Now I can log Turkish expenses by just creating expenses like “160 lira – Korean hostel 2 nights 4 people”, and it automatically converts it to the relevant USD amount.  Brilliant!  I mean, I knew we were pretty cool, but even *I* sometimes underestimate ourselves.



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