It’s official: Expensify is open and ready for business!

March 11, 2009

After months of hundreds of beta testers pouring over every nook and cranny, it’s time: as of Wednesday, March 11th at 8am PST, Expensify has opened its doors to all comers!  That’s right, as of now, we are in “open beta”, so sign up now and encourage everyone you know to follow!

If you already know what Expensify is, then don’t bother reading this blog: just go to and get started.  Or, if you’re looking for a three-minute refresher, watch this video.  Otherwise if you’re looking for a bit more detail on what we’re all about, here goes:

Expensify does expense reports that don’t suck. 

Backing up a bit, let me say this: I hate expense reports, as does nearly everyone I know.  They take forever to prepare, there are always missing receipts, my boss is always slow to reimburse.  In short, they suck.

That’s why what we do is so amazing: Expensify does expense reports that don’t suck.  Such a simple goal.  Can it really be possible?  Ultimately you can judge for yourself, but here’s how we try to make this bold vision a reality.  We call it the “Expensify Way”.

1) Import your credit card; no more data entry

If you already have a credit card, great!  Expensify imports expenses from 94% of US credit cards.  That means no typing into Excel or ancient web forms: just enter your credit card details and we’ll import straight from your banking website into our PCI-compliant datacenter.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a credit card, or have one but don’t like mixing business and personal expenses on the same card, we can help you get a corporate card that imports its expenses straight into Expensify.

2) Import your receipts; no more paper receipts

Not only does Expensify import your expenses, we also create Guaranteed eReceipts for purchases under $75.  Guaranteed eReceipts comply with all IRS regulations for documenting purchases (we guarantee it), so you can literally throw away 80% of your paper receipts.

Of the remaining 20%, most are online purchases such as plane tickets or hotel reservations — just forward the email receipt to and we’ll take care of it.

For those few paper receipts that remain, just use your cameraphone and send a picture of your receipt to  (Or use our iPhone App, once Apple gets around to approving it…)

The upshot is we can literally do away with paper receipts.

3) Submit in one click; no more printing and stapling

In just one click we’ll take all your expenses, subtotal them by expense category, attach your uploaded and eReceipts, and construct a full, ready-to-send expense report.  Enter any email address and we’ll send a PDF containing the completed expense report, receipts and all, along with a form to reimburse it.

4) Reimburse online; no more trips to the bank

Pay or get paid from or your checking account or credit card, online.  Or mark it approved and get paid through regular channels (payroll, wire transfer, etc), or even reject it and send it back with comments.

The Expensify Way is the fast and easy way.  Import your expenses and receipts, submit in one click, reimburse online.  Before today, it was the way expense reports should work.  But now, it’s the way they do work.  If you’re still stuck in expense report hell, why not find salvation today?

Sign up today.  It only takes seconds, and it’s completely free.

Expensify.  Expense reports that don’t suck. 

– David Barrett, Founder
Twitter: @expensify


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