OneSwarm: It was just a matter of time

February 24, 2009

As predicted by many (including me), there’s a new P2P network on the block with built-in onionskin routing: OneSwarm.

Even better, it's backwards compatible with BitTorrent, and they tossed in always-on "web-of-trust" encryption just for fun.

In English: what little light we ever had into pirate activity just got dimmer. And if we push them really hard, they'll go entirely dark.

If you thought 20:1 was hard to prove (or disprove) today, just *wait* until everything is encrypted and decentralized.

Next step: widespread adoption of decentralized tracking, followed by decentralized indexing — perhaps using my good friend Tom Jacob's brilliant Localhost.

Keep pushing, RIAA. You're giving birth to a very angry child. And if you think it's painful now, just wait until it grows up.

David Barrett


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