Latest Piracy Report: Mininova hits 1M torrents

February 10, 2009

Fantastic graph in there showing the breakdown by music, movies, etc.

Mininova Breakdown

– 28.7% movies
– 22.8% music (I’m guessing mostly whole albums and compilations)
– 16.9% tv-shows
– 8.1% games
– 7.3% software
– 5.8% anime (why is this separate than pictures and movies?)
– 5.6% books
– 4.0% other
– 0.9% pictures

Interestingly: “the Pirate Bay has 765,000 torrents on their site, although they track twice as many files.”

So TPB is skewed toward the head, which I guess makes sense.


PS: IsoHunt and TorrentZ are listed, but their numbers aren’t quite as meaningful as they are indexes, not trackers.  Many of their torrents are actually hosted on TPB and MiniNova.


One Response to “Latest Piracy Report: Mininova hits 1M torrents”

  1. Marcus Says:

    Anime is separate because it is LEGAL if it hasn't been licensed in the US yet. Subbing groups release through torrents. It would otherwise be split between TV shows and Movies

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