Gmail’s "conversation" feature is inscrutible

December 31, 2008

Gmail is such a terrible email interface.  My IMAP connection failed in mid-send, so I thought “that’s fine, I’ll just check the web interface”.  Except I cannot, for the life of me, determine if the email was ever sent.  I see it there — in the inbox, in some weird conversation mode — but it’s entirely unclear if it’s sent.  It doesn’t appear in the Sent folder, at least, and the conversation is marked to suggest that at least one of the entries (unspecified which) is a draft.

Ok, fine, so I just go and send it with the web interface.  Problem solved, right?  Except I get no response to my email, and it *still* doesn’t show up in my Sent folder.

What is so wrong with the tried-and-true “show your emails in chronological order” interface perfected over the last thousand years?

Be a good citizen and go to the Google Suggestion page, check “Switch Conversation View on or off” on this page, type in your email address, and click Submit.  The internet will thank you for it.



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