Daily Kos – The Many Democratic Parties

August 14, 2005

> The point is Mark, we can win in PURPLE states. We can find a message
> that works in purple AND blue. And, to be frank, it is basically a
> negative message about the extremists that run the GOP. It is Lincoln
> 1860.

This is interesting — I’ve been long complaining about a lack of
specific counter-proposals or clear message for the Democratic party.
And I’ve thought this is a weakness; I figured it was a necessary
characteristic for a leader to have a plan B if they disagree with plan A.

However, it seems you’re proposing quite the opposite, that a necessary
and sufficient reason to be a Democrat is to simply not be a Republican.

Surely I’m over-simplifying things. I desperately hope I am. But I
don’t see how. I’m no historian, so I don’t know what your “Lincoln
1860″ codeword means. But to me it sounds like your strategy is “if we
whine loud enough, they will come”.

Is that what we’ve become? And is that the grandest to which you can



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