Daily Kos — Military Performance in Iraq

August 7, 2005

> We understand that it is not the fault of our troops that they have
> been sent to this Debacle. It is Bush’s fault, to his everlasting and
> historic disgrace. He misled us to this war and critically damaged
> the global alliance against terrorism, causing mayhem, death and
> chaos. He has made us less safe, less prosperous, and less secure in
> our future. He is the worst President in the history of the nation.

Ok, this starts out a little over the top (Worst President in the
history of the nation? At best this seems premature; but at worst it
seems downright whiny), but I think the rest of the article is excellent.

I totally agree with that the insurgent force appears to be improving in
effectiveness. Whether it’s due to growing numbers, increasing
sophistication, or some weakening on our part — I have no idea. But it
does seem like they’re getting more deadly, and that our words are
ringing increasingly hollow.

I’d love to hear more analysis of why you believe this is the case, and
what we can encourage our representatives to do about it. Most
importantly, I’d love to hear your overall plan — repeated again and
again on a daily basis — for what we should be doing differently.

It’s old news to hear yet more ways that we’re screwing up. What I want
to hear are specific proposals that will enable us to do better.



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