Daily Kos – Fighting Dems

August 6, 2005

> Ed, this is simply not true. And once you realize that, you will see
> why we are right and you are wrong.

Sigh… Do you even realize how petulant and arrogant you sound? Do you
understand that the one uniting theme across Bush critics is his
righteous arrogance? If so, why do you follow his example?

If I could summarize the Daily Kos voice, it would be “whine”. Billmon
would be “despair”. Power Line would be “confuse”. Why can’t any of
you guys just talk? Like real people do? Like adults do around a
dinner table?

It sounds like you’re using the same tactics of the brat kid who yells
until his parents buy him a candy bar. Yes, the tactics work in some
circumstances. But don’t you see the long term damage you do to your
position to ostracize centrist, moderate voices with such bullshit? I
mean, you’re treating one of your fellow Democrats like an idiot; what
hope can I have that you’ll even remain coherent when in the same room
as an actual Republican?

For many people, it’s not about the issues. There are simply too many
of them, and they are all too complicated. It’s about trust. And
whining doesn’t engender trust.

I agree with much that you say. I just disagree, vehemently, with how
you say it.

I heard it said once that “The only people who Kos despises more than
Republicans are centrists.” At first I thought it was silly. After
all, where do you think you’ll get your votes if not from us? But I
can’t help but see this statement echoed in your posts, and it depresses
me. You’re the best liberal voice on the web. Why can’t you do better?



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