Power Line – Closing in on Karl

July 13, 2005


I think your summary of the Rove/Plume affair was quite good. I tend to
agree: at worst it appears that Rove accidentally revealed Plume’s
covert identity due to a slip of the tongue. Indeed, I see no evidence
that this was some intentional act to punsh Plume’s husband, as was
originally suggested.

However, I’d like to hear your comments about the apparent coverup of
this mistake. Had he acknowledged the mistake honestly and immediately,
I think it’d be easy for most people to forgive him. But if it’s true
that he both personally covered up his involvement, and caused others to
cover up his involvement, over a period of years — that’s hard to
stomach from one of our President’s closest and most trusted aides.

Would you agree that *if* Rove did accidentally and indirectly reveal
Plume’s covert relationship to the CIA, and *if* Rove did engage in a
pattern of coverup — neither of which has been definitively decided —
would you agee that this is a serious matter for which Rove should answer?



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