Daily Kos – Out of Practice

July 13, 2005


This article, on the other hand, is quite good. For example, I
appreciate this statement:

> That’s the story now. The law will take care of itself. The Plame
> prosecutor will tell us about that if and when he hands down
> indictments.
> But the White House has been lying to the American People about the
> fact that Rove leaked Plame’s identity and about the fact that the
> President would fire whoever leaked this information.

I like how you state your opinion (that the evidence points to Rove
being guilty) and then assert your confidence in the justice system to
come to the correct conclusion. Furthermore, I like how you direct the
reader to the *real* story (in my opinion) that the White House covered
all this up for so long.

I’d like to see more articles written in this more respectful, less
frantic tone.



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